Entrepreneurship Is A Lifestyle........

Entrepreneurs Decide To

Boss Up Instead Of Bowing Out

& The Only Way To Boss Up Is To

Take Risk And Prosper (T.R.A.P.)!

I'm Ready To T.R.A.P.

I work with aspiring and emerging Entrepreneurs helping them to find their brand voice and increase their brands awareness and visibility.

I encourage and support my clients to T.R.A.P. (take risk and prosper) while helping them develop and monetize their passions by providing them with the resources and tools needed to create a clear and concise vision and put it to work.

Edith B.

Success Stratagem & Brand Curator

What People Are Saying

“Edith got my business all the way together. She researched different areas before we talked. She was prepared to work, and help me create a plan of action. Even her follow up email was helpful with bonus info. We discussed each of the topics I wanted covered. I’m recommending her to everyone”


Lifestyle Motivational Coach, IMME.Life

“I knew I needed help translating the digital coins creation process for my masterclass. I reached out to Edith and explained what I needed. She was able to capture and document my process with super fast turnaround. I trust her fully with my vision and I also hired her to consult and support me with copy for my sales funnel and product launch. She is reliable, professional and a bit “OCD” which balances me perfectly. I highly recommend her as your secret behind the scenes brilliant business babe. 

Chanelle Washington, MBA

Digital Coin Strategist, Radiant Living Biz

“Edith did an excellent job assessing, researching, and developing a plan for my company’s process needs for several initiatives. She truly understood my purpose and goal and was able to effectively develop an approach, designed just for me. Due to my consultation and experience with Edith I am now able to take the next steps to increasing profitability and exposure for my company. Thank you!!!”

Samantha Williams

Owner, Sam's Word, LLC

“My session with Edith was totally a blessing! Prior to my session with Edith, I had not a clue really what the heck email automation or integration was.  In one hour I learned all  aboout automation of my email list, how to integrate my scheduling and emails, and received the dopest marketing plan that I would have never thought of, as well as different ideas that will flow more traffic to my site and make it more user-friendly.  Really I don’t think I can give her a good enough testimony. All I can say is she gave me in one hour what I have been trying to research on my own for my almost 2 years in business! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! I can’t wait for our session next week!”

Pamela Nicole Dukes

Emotional Wellness Coach, Awakening Aspirations